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"Belonging to Tomorrow" I'm going to stop procrastinating... soon!

Last fall when I created and launched my website, I promised myself to start posting a “writing” once a month to Bloom-Yoga. So, here I sit writing my first one on the last day of the first month of 2015!

It seemed appropriate that the subject of procrastination be explored.

I am indeed a self confessed procrastinator. I even procrastinated admitting it to myself and now finally to you as well!

In considering this aspect of my personality I’ve been trying to do so in the way that I teach yoga on the mat.

“Observe the practice try not to judge it.”

Observing and judging can get confused for each other sometimes. For me the act of observing provides information. The act of judging provides emotional response/reaction and opinion.

Information seems easier for me to deal with when I’m hoping to shift a personal “issue”. Emotions and opinions are valid and do serve a purpose as well, however going with “just the facts Ma’am” can provide a more direct path toward my goal.

I began by asking myself questions: “Why do I put things off?” “What do I get out of it?” “Does it serve me in a supportive manner?”

Some of what I’ve realized has been very interesting and maybe not what I expected. (Expectation… maybe a good topic for a post!)

When looking up the word procrastinate, I found the usual definition, but I also found this: from pro- ‘forward’ + crastinus ‘belonging to tomorrow’.

Belonging to tomorrow…. Hmm that struck me. In practicing yoga, we seek to connect with the moment and to find “union” in the here and now.

Belonging to tomorrow may seem to imply something unattainable. This gave me another question to ask myself. “Do I procrastinate because something feels impossible or unattainable and maybe I don’t want to risk finding that out?”

I believe that asking the questions is a good first “krama” or step. Allowing the answers to come is the tricky part, but maybe I’ll consider that tomorrow! ;)




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