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New to Yoga... 

Wondering wherewhen and how to start?


We all have to start somewhere... Why not right here? Right now?


Here's a little info about the biggest part of your question... HOW?!


The beginning of a new journey is always filled with a mix of excitement and anticipation.

With that sometimes comes a bit of doubt and fear... well sometimes a LOT of doubt and fear!


One of the best ways I know to deal with these conflicted feelings is to take one step

or as we say in yoga "krama" at a time.

Too much and too soon can be overwhelming.


Take your time to learn about yoga and to design your own road map.

This can be very helpful as you begin your journey. 


Although no two yoga journeys are the same, the common thread is... drumroll please... BREATHING!


The simple acknowledgement of the fact that you breathe is a huge first step/krama! 


For just a few minutes at anytime in your day, right now perhaps... stop, close your eyes and focus on the fact that you inhale and you exhale.


That's it... your first yoga krama! Phew!

(And yah, you can use the word krama cuz you're a practicing yogi now!)



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