My Journey So Far...

Originally from the North Shore suburbs of Boston I came to New York to pursue my dreams as a dancer and musical theater performer.


I found joy on stage in many productions including a four-year stint of "eye-high" kicks as a Radio City Music Hall Rockette.


My next adventure in NYC was into the exciting and challenging world of event production and design. This provided me with valuable experience in working directly with various clients as well as in office managment.

Along with teaching Yoga, I am now recording voice-overs  as well as a couple of other pursuits in the art world with my very talented husband... artist Peter Coley!)


Cultivating my own yoga practice has proven to be an immense support in my life. Physically, mentally and emotionally, Yoga has helped to see me through changes both professional and personal and continues to do so everyday.


All of my various life experiences (oh yeah, bartending too!:) have helped to inform and support my Yoga teaching. 

Balance between work and play is something I find crucial in life both on and off the yoga mat... as these two places seem to have a way of reflecting one another.


When it comes to teaching yoga, my passion is for beginners!

Having the opportunity to reach out with an open hand, heart and mind toward a person seeking guidance into something new is amazing!

I begin new students with a basic introduction to the yoga world and let them decide what their next steps will be. 


The journey into yoga is truly a "U" turn back toward...well... YOU! I can only help to navigate.

Ultimately this is your journey. These are your choices. And you will find your own answers.

How exciting... and yes a little _______(insert your own feeling here!)


Try to remember though... IT'S ONLY YOGA! :)